Ms. Freiser from Junior Achievement visited us on Thursday!

The students produced donuts (good/product) to sell to consumers.  They earned money for producing the donuts.  Then the tax collector came around and collected some of their earnings to pay community helpers such as police and fire-people.

In addition, students identified occupations and learned how and why they are important to the community.

The afternoon was very fun-filled, hands-on, and interactive!   The entire day was filled with reinforcements from the unit that we just finished!

We can’t thank Ms. Frieser enough for volunteering in our class!  She was so wonderful with the students and the students were thrilled by her enthusiasm!






Buffalo Museum of Science 2016

Check out out weather station videos (click the link under the picture):

We had so much fun at the museum of science yesterday!  The museum is so interactive and informative!  A lot of it is also designed for children from 2nd to 5th grade so the children were able to read much of the signage and directions independently.  I don’t think that a single child was bored for a single second!

Also, we saw our friend Ms. Kathy!  Ask your child who she is!  I’ve blogged about her before!


If you notice that your child is not in a lot of the pictures, it’s because they weren’t in my group during free time (time when we could roam and not be at a bubble station).  Ms. Mann took a bunch of pictures of the other 2 groups, so those pictures are coming soon! 🙂