Middle School Community Club


Global Concepts’ Community Club

(article for The Front Page News)

June 19, 2015


Left to Right → Ms. Danielle Huber, Haley Costlow, Autumn Farr, Jaydyn Letina, Sicily Maldonado, Mrs. Nancy Hajduk, Mya Rivera, Katelynn Kruger, Marianna Cordova

Not Pictured → Danaya Hartwell, Ladazha Adams, Holly-Rose Childs
Global Concepts Charter School (GGCS) believes that it is fundamental to be emerged in one’s community.  One way to do so is through their Community Club after-school intramural.  It is comprised of 5th-8th grade student volunteers from the school and is run by second grade teacher, Ms. Huber, and kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hajduk.  The students potted flowers for the Lackawanna Library’s window boxes in which students from GCCS reconstructed two years ago.  In addition, they learned about Lackawanna history from historian and librarian, Mr. Jay, in the library’s basement museum.  The students asked a lot of great questions about the city in which they reside and expressed interest and investment for the city’s future.  The students also learned about different styles of local architecture and the importance of preserving communities and buildings.  This led to an abstract architectural art project.  Finally, the students visited Canalside and took a tour, led by Ms. Huber, of the area’s history and were enlightened about the current status and the proposed future.

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