I love being a teacher!  I emphasize the significance of developing a classroom community of learners where inquiry-based instruction is utilized to develop critical thinkers.  I am compelled to make learning as conceptual as possible so that students can relate and apply their education to real world situations!  We will utilize our brand new Smart Board, manipulatives, science labs, hands-on activities, and technology to assist in developing critical thinkers!
Personally, I love our city!  I want you to expose your child to all of the wonderful activities that go on in our city, after school hours. I will provide you with child friendly-event information! The more positive things that he/she is exposed to, the better that they will be at forming correct mental images, reading comprehension, avoiding misconceptions, and being well-rounded!
“Ms. Huber has obtained, for ten years now, the rewarding job of being an elementary school teacher.  She emphasizes the significance of developing a classroom community of learners where inquiry-based instruction is utilized to develop critical thinkers.
Other than teaching, Huber strives to be a participant in the revitalization process of her beloved city, Buffalo.  She founded Dedicated to Buffalo to assist in her endeavors.
The objective of DEDICATED TO BUFFALO is to educate Buffalonians one fact at a time, to expose them to its vast history, the arts, and architecture. It is also to inform of upcoming events, popular restaurants, good neighbors, and books. Huber’s philosophy is that education will lead to preservation, preservation will lead to redevelopment, and redevelopment will lead to revitalization. This is only one component of many that will lead to the rebuilding of Buffalo, but it is her contribution.
As a child, Huber liked to explore and be adventurous. Those attributes have followed her into adulthood. Every opportunity she gets, she is engaged in what her beloved city has to offer. One day she might take a stroll down Lincoln Parkway and the next she might have her eyes buried in a rare book at the Grosvenor Room at Central Library. She also likes to sit at the waterfront and just get lost in her thoughts or eat lunch behind the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society. She says, “Buffalo is my playground!” She was born and raised in West Seneca, NY which is a suburb of the city. She graduated from West Seneca East Senior High School in 2001 where she proceeded to go Medaille College. After four years of hard work and dedication, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Education. Within months she got a job teaching at a Charter School, where she has made herself a home. She has had the wonderful privilege of teaching fourth and second grade. In addition, she attended Buffalo State College where she obtained a Masters Degree in Education. Other than teaching, her passion is history and more specifically, Buffalo History. Who knows, one day you may be voting for Huber for Mayor!”
Buffalo Spree Article ~ April 2014
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  1. Michael Outten Sr. says:

    My son Michael is so excited about school this year and I love to see him this way… Please keep up the great work and have a blessed school year 🙂

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