Teacher Contact Info Magnet



I wrote the student’s names on the baggies with the mints and magnets and put them on display on our Open House table for the parents to grab.  At Open House, I also put out baked goods , water, and sign-up for out Fall Fest 🙂 ❤

Parent contact is fundamental, as we all know.  It is a real kicker, when at the end of the school year, the parents fill out the Parent Survey and they indicate that there wasn’t enough parent contact / parent involvement opportunities.  I pride myself in being transparent and available.  The only thing that I am not keen on is making phone calls.  Why? Because (1) there is no documented record about who said what, (2) I refuse to play phone tag [it is not time efficient], and (3) when I am here to teach kids, I will not stop to make a call because my planning periods are very FAST and precious.  Anyways, my major joy is this website which contains 99.9% of what a parent might ask me.  In addition, I have a classroom Facebook LIKE page where I send our reminders and updates regularly.  Also, I jot it all in the weekly agenda packets.  Finally, I open to emailing in the morning, during the day, at night from my couch, vacations, and weekends!

These magnets provide all of the contact info to be hung on the fridge.  This way, not one single parent can say that I am not available!!!!!!!!!! ….EVER!!! 🙂 😉 :/

These are essentially FREE to make!

At the New York State and Erie County Fair, I collected EVERY FREE magnet that companies left out.  I got shipping labels from the supply room.  I printed this fun design and had the wonderful Mrs. Lynda print them in color.  I stuck the labels on the FREE magnets and cut them out.  I then handed them out to parents at Open House in a baggie with mints containing the Commit-MINT / Involve-MINT poem that is floating around Pinterest.  It’s like a magnetic teacher business card for parents!

I put the following info on it:

  • my email
  • our classroom website link
  • our classroom Facebook LIKE page