Mother’s Day Coaster

It is always a goal of mine to make the moms feel special on Mother’s Day.  It is challenging to come up with an craft idea for the kids to make that won’t break the bank, yet will have longevity or take too long to produce.

Last year for Mother’s Day, I decided to buy 16 cent tiles and some mod podge.  Life Touch Photography provides us with mini sticker pictures of the kids so we stuck them on the tiles.  The kids picked a message fo a star, ladybug, or bumble bee.

  • “Mom, you’re my star!”
  • “Mom, you’re as sweet as honey!”
  • “I’m as lucky as a ladybug to have you as my mom!”

The kids signed it, “Love, Ali.”

Then we put many layers of mod podge over it.  Finally, when they dried, we put a sticky felt pad on the bottom each corner.  Now the moms have a memorable coaster of their child!