Reading Workshop


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The reading workshop model is designed to get leveled texts in hands of students more.  Each day, I will give a 10-15 minute teaching point. Then I will send the students off to different places in the room to read independently for about 25-35 minutes.  While they’re reading independently, they should be practicing that day’s teaching point.  Also, I would be meeting with students one-on-one or in small strategy groups.  After independent reading, we come back together for about 5-10 minutes to share what we’ve practiced.  In addition to those components of the day, we will have a shared reading time and a read-aloud.  Shared reading is with an enlarged text.

Students will “book-shop” once a week.  They choose 5-7 books from our classroom library that are at their own tested level.  Their agenda will state what day that they shop so you can expect a new selection of books on that day.  They keep those 5 books in their B.O.B. (Bag of Books) all week.  They should reread those books nightly for at least 20 minutes.  Rereading them builds fluency and deeper comprehension.

Our classroom has comfy camping chairs, saucer chairs, lots of carpeted areas, tables, and reading buddies!  I like to dim the lights and turn on the lamps so that we have an ideal reading environment!  The end of the year goal is to have students reading at a level M.  A level M involves inferring, multiple settings and plots, many characters, and more than one problem and solution. It is essential that we move the children up the continuum of reading levels at the appropriate pace.  Please do not allow your child to consistently read books that are higher than their level.  Also, if they do not bring their B.O.B. home, please let me know! It is so important that they read nightly!  Thank you for your support at home!

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