Community Exposure

It is fundamental that children go out, explore, think critically, inquire, learn, observe, and have fun!  There are SO many places in or near our community that will open their world, introduce them to vocabulary and concepts, and even assist in reading comprehension.

Here is a list of places that you could take your child to:

  • Tift Nature Preserve – FREE
  • Times Beach Nature Preserve – FREE
  • Grain elevators – FREE (be cautious, safety first)
  • Gallagher Beach – FREE
  • Naval Museum at the Harbor
  • Commercial Slip – FREE (I could even arrange a walking tour, hosted by myself, if we got a group and time together)
  • Buffalo City Hall observation deck – FREE
  • Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society (History Museum)
  • Japanese Gardens / Hoyt Lake near Buffalo Erie County Historic Society – FREE
  • Burchfield – Penney Art Center by Buff State
  • Teddy Roosevelt Inauguration Site ~Wilcox Mansion
  • on a subway ride
  • The Buffalo Central library
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Broadway Market
  • Buffalo Museum of Science
  • The Buffalo Zoo
  • Central Terminal – FREE
  • Bird Kingdom (Canada)
  • Strong Museum of Play (Rochester)
  • Letchworth State Park (Wyoming County)

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