Fast forward to 27 min 03 sec for information about home practice and the agendas! 🙂


It is imperative that your child reads at home.  School is simply not enough!  20 minutes x 5 days a week please!  The reading response should be filled out by your child.  It can be words, phrases, or sentences as a response based off of that day’s teaching point from my reading mini-lesson.  If the teaching point doesn’t apply to that book or genre, then any “thinking work” about the book is acceptable.  See the bookmarks in the child’s Reading Tool Kit for ideas but let your child take the lead on this.  Don’t let it stress you out.  It is to simply foster your child’s thinking about the book and it gives me evidence of what skills that your child could benefit from.

Even though reading nightly is fundamental, I don’t want your child to think of it as a chore and hate it.


Word Study Practice is also helpful!  It only takes 5 minutes and must be done on T, W, Th please.  The directions to each activity is thoroughly explained in the agenda.  I intend on posting some instructional videos as soon as I find some spare time (hehe)


Math Fact Fluency is a CCSS and is something that should take place at home! The agenda gives a variety of suggestions to spice up the task.  Also, I sent home math fact cards for any student that is struggling with our current addend (+0, 1, 2).  That is an intervention that I developed to help your child achieve.

Here’s my suggested schedule:

  • Monday: Read 20 Minutes + 10 minutes of math fact fluency practice = 30 minutes
  • Tuesday: Read 20 Minutes + Word Study sort (5 minutes) = 25 minutes
  • Wednesday: Read 20 minutes + Word Study sort (5 minutes) = 25 minutes
  • Thursday: Read 20 minutes + Word Study sort (5 minutes) = 25 minutes
  • Friday: Read 20 minutes + 10 minutes of math fact fluency practice = 30 minutes
  • Saturday: 10 minutes of math fact fluency practice = 10 minutes
  • Sunday: 10 minutes of math fact fluency practice = 10 minutes

If you so desire, you can initial your child’s agenda next to the homework but if it’s filled out then that’s all that I need!

I will check agendas as frequently as possible but it will probably be about 2-3 times a week (not everyday).

There will be homework every single night; however, I will never make homework feel like a chore! And I will definitely never over-load them.  The school day is so long for a 7 year-old.  I’d prefer that when they get home they go outside, play, go places that will expose them to life, participate in sports or scouts, or rest.

If you have any questions about homework, you can email me at dhuber@globalccs.org.

It might be helpful to have a formal homework caddy containing child scissors, sticky-notes, a glue stick, pencils, erasers, and a sharpener.  These are the things needed for word study and reading.  Check out the video for an extreme example (you don’t need to go all crazy but it’s a great example)!! It’s also helpful to find a few different cozy, non-distracting and quiet reading spots!

The cartoon below will never be my goal, but if it does get to this point, please contact me!!

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