Dress Code

  • Acceptable polo colors: Navy Blue, Powder Blue, White
  • Acceptable Pant/Jumper/Skirt/Shorts Color: Navy Blue
  • Long or short sleeved polo with collar
  • Button-down Ruched-Sleeve shirt w/ Collar
  • Shorts ONLY when approved
  • Dress Shoes or sneakers – NO boots to be worn during the day – NO high-heels
  • NO “wild” jewelry
  • NO hoods on sweaters
  • Shirts MUST be tucked in and buttoned at all times
  • Skirts must fall around the knee – also, biker shorts/spanks are suggested to be worn underneath because we sit on carpets a lot in 2nd grade!
  • No bright colored shirts underneath a white polo please
  • PLEASE do not let your child wear their pajamas under their uniform
  • If your child is wearing a skirt in the winter, they can wear sweat-pants underneath them and remove them after arriving and put them back on before departing

Refer to pictures below as a guide if you have any questions.

If the student is not in dress code, you will be called to bring in the appropriate clothing for them. It is fundamental that we set a standard and stick to it.

Some places you can buy uniforms:




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