Month in Review


We wrapped up Geometry right before Spring Break and now …

… we’re starting to learn about money: coin identification, coin value, counting collections of coins.  When you go to the store, allow your child to count the collection of coins needed.  When your child says that they’re bored, dump out your purse and ask them to classify the coins, put them in order from greatest to least value and then count the coins.



Our chicks went back to Mr. Reimers farm before Spring Break!

Check out our video here:

We finished our science unit: All About Eggs


We’re starting our science unit: How Living Things Grow & Change

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley projects are due by the end of the school year!

Here’s our most recent Flat Stanley Project!




This 2nd grader is so interested in the Titanic that he is synthesizing information from multiple leveled topic texts from our classroom library.  He is a young expert and he self-taught through reading!  Incredible! In Grade 2, we transition from learning how to read to reading to learn!

We are in our Fairy Tale Unit for mini-lessons and teaching points.

Even though we are in our Fair Tale unit, kiddos should still practice their non-fiction texts during reading workshop and for their reading responses at home.  

Students will be able to identify the elements of a Fairy Tale and compare and contrast different versions of the same fairy tale.

Word Study

Resized_20170420_113207 - Copy

We still have our 3 differentiated word study groups.

We’re in the final haul.  The 2nd grade words are going to get a little less predictable so please continue to sort the words with your kiddo at home on T, W, Th.


We’re wrapping up our Poetry unit next week!

After that, we’re going to write fractured Fairy Tales and then we’ll wrap up the year by writing All About Research books!

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