President’s Week Home Practice


To keep students’ brains activated over vacation, please have them complete one hot-cocoa task a day!

  • All students have bookshopped, so they’ll be able to read from BOB for 20 minutes
  • All students received green subtraction flash cards from me.  They should be cut and practiced.  To make it fun, they can play a game with them, such as the game “War”
  • All student received 3 months worth of Time For Kids Magazines.  They can read them and complete the activities on the back side
  • All students received a My “sight word” Word Search booklet to practice with
  •  All students received subtraction fact Memory game cards to practice with
  • Here’s the link for math fact games on the computer:

As students complete each task, they can color in a cocoa mug.

Please have them turn this into me when we return.

I don’t need anything except the cocoa mug sheet!


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