Charlie & the Chocolate Factory themed Valentine’s Day Party

We read the chapter book as a read-a-loud in class each day with the intent on finishing it before Valentine’s Day!



For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to have a party based on something educational.

We did activities all day based on the book!

We watched the original movie and then completed a venn-diagram comparing the book to the movie.

We brainstormed character traits for each main character via a graphic organizer on the SMART board.

It is spirit week and today was “character day” so I encouraged the students to dress up as a character from the book!  Several did!  I was Mr. Wonka!

I printed a packet containing coloring pages, bookmarks, crosswords, candy invention form, and more … for fun… and something to do while passing out treats.

We also did science labs using Wonka candies and other other Valentine candies!  We followed the scientific method!  Wonka loved doing experiments to create new ideas for candy so we did some too!

Lab #1: What happens when you drop candy conversation hearts into carbonated pop?

for further details:


LAB #2: “The M&Ms have the slogan of melting in your mouth, but not in your hands. What happens when they go in your mouth or water?

Candy Science – Floating Letters

Delicious hands-on science that melts in your mouth, and dissolves in water.

M&Ms have the slogan of melting in your mouth, but not in your hands. You wanna know something cool? The special melting property is totally scientific. Certain parts of an M&M will dissolve in water, while others won’t. The results are an amazing phenomenon that we call Floating Letters.

  1. Fill a clear glass or bowl half-full with water.
  2. Drop a few M&M’s into the water.
  3. Allow the M&M’s to soak in the water for 10-20 minutes.
  4. As the M&Ms sit in the water, you will witness the colored dyes start to dissolve into the water. After a bit more time passes, you will see a translucent shell, along with the white “M” float to the surface of the water. Cool!”

for more info:

LAB #3:”Gobstopper candies are known for their colors, but what would happen if they were dissolved in water?

Hard candies are known for their bright colors, delicious tastes, and, well, having a ton of sugar. While having a handful of candy every once in a while is definitely a good thing, we like conducting experiments with them! We especially love Gobstoppers. They have layers of colors that, when they dissolve into water, do something very peculiar…

  1. Fill a petri dish with enough water to cover the bottom.
  2. Drop a Gobstopper of a different color along the edge of the petri dish. We would tell you to put them all in the corners, but the dish is round and doesn’t have corners. So you need to place the Gobstoppers at equal distances from from each other.
  3. Now watch the colors!”

Finally, I encouraged students to bring in Wonka themed candies and Valentines!  I even made the Valentines to color, cut, and pass out … just in case their! You can find them on my TPT store!


Boy did I get spoiled!  Thank you everyone, you’re ALL my Valentine! 😉



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