Writing like Scientists


Who says that you can’t play with cars at school?

The kiddos collaborated on a writing piece: Writing Like a Scientist

We followed a model of the scientific method by predicting / observing / explaining.

Will the large wooden car go further down a ramp on a bare floor than a metal toy car? 

Step 1: Ask a Question

Step 2: Make a Hypothesis (educated guess)

Step 3: Conduct an Experiment – – – Consistency in mind!!!!

Step 4: Collect & Record Data

Step 5: Analyze and Draw Conclusions

Now that we collaborated / modeled a piece, now kiddos were to Write Like A  Scientist by themselves!

We started by building some schema about sinking and floating.  We took some classroom items and predicted and tested to see if they’d sink or float.

Next, for the lab – the kiddos were to write, following the scientific writing process that I modeled, if an orange would sink or float.  <<<<we took it a step further to explain why the orange floated by removing the peel to show how it then sank>>>>



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