Holidays Around the World ~ 2015


Students filled out a 4-column chart throughout the week as we learned about and celebrated a different holiday from around the world, each day.


Hanukkah:  We read nonfiction books & fiction story books about the holiday, participated in activities, and played dreidel!

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Kwanzaa: For this holiday, we focused on the 7 Principles and how we’d implement them into our daily lives.  We also learned about the history of the holiday and how it was created and compared/contrasted it to Hanukkah.  We also made Kinaras.

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Eid / Ramadan: On this day, we allowed the kiddos that celebrate these holidays take the lead.  Students brought in several cultural items to show and discuss.  We also read a passage about the holiday and made a lantern using symbols of the holiday.

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Polar Express Book Day


Christmas: We read books, finished our 4-column charts, and received presents!

I gave the kiddos all:

  • a Snoopy eraser
  • 2-3 books
  • 1-2 crafts
  • Candy Cane

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