“All About ____” Informational Experts

Students were able to choose a topic that they are experts on.

Some of the individual choices included:

  • hockey
  • hover boards
  • flowers
  • school
  • soccer
  • sharks
  • boxing
  • history
  • basketball

We studied some mentor texts (books that have been published by authors) to learn  from them.  We studied their craft and text features as a model for when we write/wrote our books.

Students made a front cover, Table of Contents, Introduction, Chapter 1 & 2, and have made non-fiction text features (illustrations, photos, captions, diagrams, labels, etc.).  Next week, we’ll write chapters 3 & 4 and write our conclusion!

The pictures above show students conferencing with one another!

The kids are blowing me away!  Their books are top-notch thus far! 🙂

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