Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are basically posters that are developed with the students’ input.  They are made during the lesson with the students front and center.  By doing so, the students can have ownership in them and refer to them throughout the school day when needed.

Here’s the charts that we made thus far this yer!


The chart shows the Teaching Points that could help them with their reading responses each night.  Ask them to explain each of the strategies that are on this chart!



We’re in our Personal Narrative unit, where students write about a small moment from their own life.  They can use their Tiny Topics notepads to jot down ideas to write about.  This chart shows the writing process that we use in class!

20150922_144308 20150922_144337


This chart shows the adding strategies that we’ve learned thus far. Students can refer to this when needed.



This chart shows the day of the week that they bookshop on, the rules for bookshopping and the difference between REAL Reading and FAKE Reading:

20150922_141035 20150922_141040


RETELLING a book, chapter, or section (nonfiction):




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