Good Bye and Good Luck Ms. Craig


Ms. Craig’s last day was on Wednesday.  It was bitter-sweet (I explained to the children what that meant).  We’re going to miss her but we’re so excited and happy for her!  She’s walking across the stage today with her Bachelor’s Degree.  Ms. Craig was with us for 6 weeks.  She taught us geometry, coins, and adding money.  She also taught us about simple machines and energy.  She was here when our time-traveling colonial guest, Ms. Kathy, was here.  She saw our chick hatch and grow too!  She also went on the field trip with us!  We have so many memories with her!  She’s such a wonderful teacher!   We put our hand prints on a magenta tote that said, “Good luck from Ms. Huber’s 2nd Grade.”  In it, we put an Alex and Ani teacher apple bracelet because Ms. Craig collects them!  Finally, we signed a celebratory children’s book so that Ms. Craig can always remember us and read it to her students one day!

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