Cool Educational Websites

Students are enthralled with some new websites that I introduced to them!  Explore them with your child at home!


We’re just finishing up learning all about simple machines.  This website has students identify simple machines that you’d find around the house.  Then students have to choose the way that the simple machine makes work (scientific definition) easier.  Then they choose which type of the 6 simple machines it is: lever, pulley, wedge, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw.  Finally, the get to view a diagram and read about it.  The site is interactive, conceptual, and fun!  It has many different surprises throughout that the kiddos get so excited about!

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We’re just starting our money unit: identifying coins, counting coins, adding and subtracting coins.  This website has many different games where students have to count coins and cartoons about how coins are minted.  My favorite is: Cents of Color.  Students get to pick one of the 50 states and color / read about the symbols on it and why those symbols were chosen for that state.

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Scholastic Book Wizard allows you to type in the name of a book and find out what its reading level is.  At GCCS, we use the “Guided Reading” level.  Click that bubble before clicking “Find Books.”  They even have an app for the phone so that when you’re at a book store you can buy “Just Right” books for your child!

book wizard


ARKive has a plethora of animals from all around the world for children to learn about through pictures, videos, and descriptions.  They love researching animals on this site.  This is one of my favorite websites too!

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