Egg Hunt

Over all, the students have been so well behaved this year and we’ve had so much fun learning and working hard that I thought that an Egg Hunt was needed before Spring Break!

I went on a shopping spree, wishing that I was a kid again, and went home to stuff the eggs!  I stuffed them with candy, spring erasers, stickers, chocolate, free home-work passes, and so much more!  There were 13 BONUS eggs!  One had a dollar in it, two had 50 cents in it, and ten of them had a # inside to come up and pick a prize from the BONUS table!  I sat down on the living room floor to stuff the eggs and two of my “best” helpers came by: Hugo & Diva (hehe).

The playground would have been ideal but since the weather is so unpredictable, we held the hunt in the auditorium!  I laid down the safety rules and the egg hunt rules and let the kids go hunt!  It was cute (and 🙂 funny) how some of the kiddos walked right past some of the eggs!  After finding four eggs, they were expected to take a seat… but eventually, we tagged them back in to help the kids that just couldn’t find four eggs! The students were so well behaved and it appeared that they were having fun!  I’m so glad we did this!  It really leaves a great feeling before a week off!

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