Subtract Like A Ninja


Students have been learning subtracting with regrouping up to the tens place.  This week they’ve embarked on subtracting to the hundrends place value with regrouping.

Students learned the poem stated on the anchor chart below for the procedural math but used tens and ones manipulatives to learn the math conceptually.  This is the most challenging skill that 2nd graders learn; however, they’re picking up on it so quickly (exciting)!!!  If your youngster is still is struggling, we’re aware and have implemented some intervention for their success!  It’s no reason to fret.  We’ll spend quality time learning different strategies to reach all learning styles.

2015-03-18_08.24.02 (1)

Here are some 2-Question Story problems that we did! 🙂 I used the students’ interests and names in the problems to excite and motivate them!  Here’s a handful of the problems:

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