Career Day: Architect

I was in my glory this week!  I was able to merge my two favorite things: teaching and architecture!


Reed’s Richardson

It was Career Day at GCCS and Mrs. Daniels and I taught the students about being an architect.  Mrs. Aldrich taught them about being a pharmacist and Mrs. Werner taught about being an Occupational Therapist.

IMG_0116       IMG_0115

Students learned what an architect does and they learned about different styles of architecture, such as Romanesque, Modern, Victorian, Gothic, and Beaux Arts!  We also examined local, national, and world architecture from different time periods and cultures.

Students also learned the values of preserving our beautiful architecture and how place matters, meaning we don’t need anymore strip malls filled with horizontal rectangular prism shaped buildings.

After learning about different styles of architecture, students were able to be creative by making their own building models out of marshmallows, toothpicks, and stir sticks.

See the full lesson plan here:

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