On Monday, we had our 3rd Mystery Reader of the year!  Ms. Nugent came in to read to the students!  The children loved the books that she chose and we were able to read 4 books in 45 minutes!  We can’t thank Ms. Nugent enough to come in and read to the kids!  It really sends the message that reading is a fundamental skill that will be used for a lifetime, not just in school when you’re a child.



On Tuesday, the USDA came in to teach students about food safety and the importance of hand washing!  The children asked such great questions and they learned so much!  For example, you need to keep certain foods in the fridge and you should not eat them if they’ve been sitting on the counter all day or in a hot car (leftovers).  Foods need to be cooked to a certain temperature or they may be unsafe to eat.

Children also got a bacteria story book and coloring book to take home!

Here’s a website filled with great resources!  (Google “USDA for Kids”)


MORNING MESSAGE – BUFFAfacts – Pierce Arrow Museum

Every morning, I write a morning message on the SMART Board.  It greets the children, it exposes them to friendly letter formats, it tells them what they need to do to get ready for the day, and I put a picture of Buffalo that I’ve taken and a caption is included so that kids can learn about their community.  The other day, I put a picture of a Bugatti car that I saw at the Pierce Arrow Museum.  The kids loved it.  I told them that they could go see it at the museum right here in Buffalo.  The museum is not far from Coca-Cola Field!

Morning Message

Some of the other facts that I’ve used in my Morning Message are about Tift Nature Preserve, Grover Cleveland High School (The Normal School), The Botanical Gardens, Forest Lawn Cemetery (13th President Millard Fillmore’s grave site), the oldest house in Buffalo, etc.  Check out my website: www.DedicatedtoBuffalo.com


I had to print report cards on Thursday which meant that students had their second substitute of the year.  Mrs. Fitzgerald reported that the students were wonderful.  Although she told me something that I already knew, it made me so proud!  You should be proud too!


Students have worked really hard this year to complete this magnetic floor puzzle!  When students received a good review from art, violin, physical education, or library OR when they received a compliment from a staff member in the hall, they’d get to pick a Superman puzzle piece from our Batman box.  Now that they’ve completed it, they get to celebrate their good behavior! They chose to have a cookies and milk party on Monday during Spirit Week.  While in their pajamas, they will get to watch a movie, and enjoy cookies and milk!

20150123_092655         20150123_095129        CLASS 2


  • MONDAY: Pajama day, FREE Cotton Candy, Scavenger Hunt (and for us, movie and cookies & milk party)
  • TUESDAY: Turn Back the Clock Tuesday (dress from a different decade)
  • WEDNESDAY: Sports / Crazy Hat Day + Half day
  • THURSDAY: Color Day – Grade 2’s color is white
  • FRIDAY: Twins Day & Quiz Master Assembly

MATH UNIT:  Adding 2-digit numbers with regrouping

Students embarked on one of the most challenging math standards of 2nd grade this week!  They collaborated with their tablemates while using manipulatives to conceptually understand regrouping (same as carrying).  I am ecstatic as to how they are picking up on this skill so quickly!

20150123_101538          20150123_101511

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