How will you make the world more beautiful?


Yesterday, students watched/listened to the story, Miss Rumphius, on Book Flix (email me if you lost your BookFlix password).

In the story, Miss Rumphius learned/realized from her grandfather’s stories that she wanted to live by the sea, see many places, and to make the world a more beautiful place.  When she grew up, she accomplished all of her dreams and then passed on her stories to her niece (the narrator of the story) and to her visitors.  Miss Rumphius made the world a more beautiful place in many ways, but primarily by planting lupines everywhere.

rumphius 2

After the story, I proposed the following question to the students, “How will you make the world a more beautiful place, now or when you’re older?”  Students did a ‘quick-write’ to answer that question.  The room grew silent.  Students took this assignment extremely seriously and everyone wanted to share their responses.  I was in awe.  These second grade students have such kind hearts.    (I typed their responses down below)



I am going to help old people.

I will plant beautiful flowers for the world.

I will bring peace and stop bullying.

I want to recycle to save trees.

I will bring peace to the world.

I will plant flowers and trees and make clean oxygen.

I will plant beautiful flowers and food.

I will make people notice that people that are not very pretty are actually very very nice.

I will make hats for people that are cold.

I will clean houses that are beaten up!

I will make food for people who don’t have food or money.

I could clean abandoned houses so that homeless people could live there.

I would clean up fallen branches and help the trees and the places around them.

I will clean the community.

I will plant flowers, trees, and food and clean everyone’s house and outside.

I will donate money and toys to the poor.

I want to clean up the world.

I will end the war!

I will clean up garbage!

I will help people that are homeless. 

rumph 3

Your children are truly amazing!  Give them a hug!

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