The Perfect Pumpkin

20141030_094727Students listened to a story about a square shaped pumpkin, Spookley, that was always teased by the other pumpkins … until one day when Spookley saved all of the other pumpkins from rolling away with his shape!  We learned that just because Spookley looked different than the other pumpkins doesn’t mean that he’s not perfect!

Then, students got to pick the perfect pumpkin from “Ms. Huber’s Pumpkin Patch.”  (While in the country, I picked 25 very unique pumpkins.)  Students got to decorate their pumpkin and write fun stories about their pumpkin going on an adventure.  They had to include all of the story elements: characters and setting (beginning), problem (middle), and solution (end).  We had so much fun writing and sharing our stories!

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