Technology Classes

Every Thursday I take the class to the computer lab and teach them computer skills.  The kids love it and they catch on so quickly!  It is imperative that they get these foundations for the Common Core in proceeding grade levels as well as for their adulthood.  Children need to know that the purpose of a computer is more than just to look up pictures and to play games.  I have taught students how to look up websites, search their favorite topics to learn more about them, and practice keyboarding/typing skills.  In addition, I taught them how to use Google Maps to go in the White House, find their house, and to travel all over the world.  Today, I taught students how to design graphics and pages via Power Point!  This is a half hour of the week that kids look forward to all week.  By the end of the year, they should be speedy typists and have many other computer skills!

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