Ms. Huber’s Fun Friday!

Fridays are so much fun in Grade 2!

It all starts with our schedule allotting us to have a longer Morning Meeting.  That is a time at the beginning of the day for us to share good news/bad news, chant the 5 rules, say good morning through greetings, answer a fun question, and learn the Word of the Day. In addition, on Fridays, students get to pick a Word Study game to play with their peers!  They also have Free Read Friday where they can pick any book in the classroom to read.  On Fridays, they are not restricted to reading a leveled book from their BOB (Bag Of Books).  Finally, they get Fun Friday Recess which is held on the playground or in the classroom.

Fridays are a day that children can look forward to and work hard throughout the week to earn the privilege.

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***of course, math and writing take place throughout the day too:)

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