Learn by Lyrics

The kiddos this year are obsessed with singing … so, I incorporate singing as much as possible into my instruction.  We have sung about double facts, ways to make 10, sea turtles, and so much more this year!

This week, I had to teach my students when to use:

your / you’re

there / there / they’re

We participated in word sorts, reading the room, and other activities, but the one that has stuck the most is singing to learn this skill!  The kids can’t stop singing the songs and they plead with me to sing them “one more time!”

They asked me to share them on the classroom website, so here they are!  Sing them with your kiddo at home!  Then, whenever you have a sentence using one of those words, ask them to tell you which spelling fits the sentence!



🙂 he he … SO important to know the difference! 🙂

class anchor chart


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