Cause and Effect


This week, our comprehension skill is: Cause and Effect.  We created this anchor chart to help us with the skill.  We also read the biography Helen Keller to identify cause and effect within a text.  Students requested that I make a paper-sized copy of the poster for them to bring home, so I did that and I figured I’d put it on the site too.

  • It rained out all day, which lead to a rainbow in the sky.  (cause –> effect)
  • Due to it raining all day, our town was flooded. (cause –> effect)
  • It rained for the whole month of April, consequently, flowers bloomed in May.  (cause –> effect)
  • I did all of my homework when I got home from school, therefore, my mother and I went to see a movie.  (cause –> effect)
  • My team made it to the championship because we practiced every day.  (effect <– cause)
  • Helen Keller was sick with high fevers, which resulted in her becoming blind and deaf. (cause –> effect)
  • Helen Keller’s parents allowed her to act wild without consequences, therefore, she did not listen to her teacher, Anne Sullivan. (cause –> effect)

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