Buffalo Snow

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Our current unit for reading comprehension is: Readers get to know their characters.

We read a book called Buffalo Snow and got to know the two main characters, Jilly and Joe.  It was a snow day for Jilly and Joe.   They drove to Dash’s Market in Buffalo, NY and got stuck in a blizzard.  These characters were easy to relate to!

Book synopsis:

 Mother/daughter authors write a story inspired by a Buffalo Blizzard in 2000, where they were stranded at work overnight. The story has delightful illustrations which support the creative writing about a Buffalo blizzard and uses all the weather terminology in child friendly terms.

Students drew and colored a picture of a Buffalo snow scene.  Then we painted over the scene with watered-down white paint to look like a blizzard came through with white-out effects!  Finally, I stamped each art work with a Buffalo imprint made with a cookie cutter!  The kiddos did such a nice job!

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