We “TECH”nically LOVE Reading

Tech Reading LOVE

Reading workshop is in full-force!

Students book-shop on their designated day each week.  They shop for books that are at their tested level.  Student levels may change next week based off of updated data!

During reading workshop, students read their books independently, with a reading buddy, or with a teacher.

When reading independently, students transfer/apply the comprehension skills and other “teaching points” that they learn to their reading.

Students show their “thinking work” by Post-It noting, writing in their “Stop n Jot” notebooks, or by using paper strips.

To help student work independently, we have anchor charts hanging around the room.  Students have investment in these charts and know how to reference them when they need help.

We also have “First-Class” seating in the room, carpet squares, stuffed reading buddies, pillows, lamps, and rugs to help create a warm and comfortable reading environment!

GCCS’s 2nd Graders LOVE Reading!

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