‘Home Practice’ Clarification

Father helping son (7-9) with homework

Students have home practice EVERY night!!  Even if they tell you that they don’t, they do!

Due to our long school days, the home work is never much, but it’s essential to your child’s success!

Home Practice Requirements:

  1. Read 20 minutes from their Bag of Books (aka BOB).  While reading they should show their thinking work by Post-It Noting
  2. Practice reading fluency passage (in the clear plastic sleeve of their ‘home and back’ folders – changes every week)
  3. Practice their word list (plastic sleeve of ‘home and back’ folder – changes every week) and word/picture sort cards (pocket of folder in plastic baggie)
  4. Practice math fact fluency via differentiated flash cards OR via math links
  5. occasional math pages to finish from class
  6. occasional social studies/science activities  (students are always given more than one night to complete this portion)

Nightly home work TIME schedule (see above for the description of each):

  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Fluency passage: 5 minutes
  • Word study: 5-15 minutes
  • Fact fluency: 5-15 minutes
  • ***other assignments: 0-15 minutes

TOTAL:  35 minutes – 60 minutes nightly

Every night the ‘Home Practice’ is written on the board.  The actual assignment is hung next to it with an arrow so that there is NO confusion.  Students are given any where from 5-20 minutes a day to write their assignments in their planner and to get started on assignments.  It’s up to them to use this time wisely!  If the home work is the same as the day before, then I have them write, “same as yesterday.” 

As second graders, they are responsible to complete this nightly practice, even though a lot of it is not tangible.  They may need you to remind them at home to do the practice so that they are successful!  Whenever an assignment is tangible, I always give more than one night to complete it because I know that life is hectic sometimes!

Thanks for your support at home!  We truly make a student – teacher – parent team!!


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