THREE Items that Symbolize Me!

3 items

Please allow your child to put 3 items that symbolize them in a paper “Tops” bag.

Do not put anything inside that is of value.

Some ideas could include: a favorite book, a plastic figurine, a photo, a favorite stuffed animal, or a sports card.

All items must fit in the bag.

All items will be sent home immediately after they present them.

Thanks, Ms. Huber

If the three items do not fit in the lunch bag that I sent home, you can use a paper bag from a grocery store instead!  About 5 students will share each day next week.  They will take their items home the day that they share. 

My three items were:

  1. a cat toy because I have two kitties at home, Hugo and Diva.
  2. a Buffalo because I give tours of the city and run a website that is all about Buffalo!  I love Buffalo and Lackawanna!
  3. a replica of Buffalo’s art-deco city hall because I love architecture and am a preservationist!

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