Welcome to HUBER Airways!

Welcome to HUBER Airways: where Learning Takes Flight

I am so excited for the 2013-2014 school year!  This year’s theme is traveling the world!  Students will line up on the “runway,” sit in “First Class” for reading workshop, put their backpacks in the “baggage claim,” and so on.  There are 7 groups of desks for the 7 continents.  By doing this, I am infusing learning into daily procedures!  Also, research has proven that collaboration helps with critical thinking and creates innovators!

I invite you to explore our classroom website and utilize it as a resource throughout the school year.  I believe in being as transparent as possible!  I also believe in providing you with the tools to make your learner successful at home!  I will blog frequently and send a mass email out to inform you of the new post.  It is essential that you send in your email address in order for me to do so!

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