NYS Assembly Certificates

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On Friday, our class was surprised with a special guest, Assemblyman Mickey Kearns.  He came to honor me with a 142 Community All Star award.  I was speechless.  What an honor!  Assemblyman Kearns was so impressed with my second graders’ behavior and intelligence level that he offered to buy them cupcakes.  Today, his Legislative Assistants took time out of their busy schedules to deliver the cupcakes and achievement certificates for all of the students.  The students and I are so thankful for not only their time, their honor, the cupcakes, and certificates, but also for the fact that we have great representatives!

What a great way to conclude a superb school year!

Assemblyman Kearns’s description of the 142 Community All Star award:

I am honoring the contributions of 142 everyday people who are working to make our District a better place, through volunteering, teaching, coaching and anyone who should be recognized for their contribution to the greater good.

Volunteerism has a rich history in the United States of America. The American tradition of seeking help from America’s common man and woman regarding the country’s most intractable problems starts with the Continental Army of George Washington, a volunteer force which helped defeat the British Empire. History’s examples of the American volunteer spirit are numerous.” ~Assemblyman Kearns

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