Let’s Make Kindness Go Viral Starting at GCCS!

Charity work and community service are invaluable tools for bettering our world, but kindness is more than good deeds or volunteerism alone. Kindness is empathy, compassion, and human connection; it’s a smile, a touch, or a comforting word. Even the smallest gesture can brighten a dark day or ease a heavy burden.

By living kindly and believing in the inherent good of each individual, change is POSSIBLE!

Students watched this 5m45s YouTube clip with the hope that they will see that kindness is contagious   It feels good to not only receive kindness but it also feels good to give it! I teared up as watching this video because if only our world was engulfed in these actions, it would be a much nicer place to be! I thought this video would be a good way to initiate the final couple weeks of school as the kiddos are getting antsy.  Enjoy! (good for all ages)


Act of Kindness:

Offer help to someone even if it seems they may not need it

Encourage your child to do acts of kindness around the community (with thinking about safety first of course)!

GCCS’s mission statement includes, ” [students will] become responsible, caring family and community members; and possess the qualities and problem solving skills to collaborate peacefully in the community and worldwide.”

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