Scholastic Book Wizard

book wizard

A parent asked a great question:

“How do you level books?  How do I find out a level of a book from the library or a bookstore?” 

I decided that this is something that everyone should know!

  1. Click “Guided Reading (A-Z)”
  2. Type in the title of the book
  3. Click “Find Books”

It is imperative that students are reading books that are at their tested level in order to successfully move up the continuum for comprehension, fluency, decoding, vocabulary, and language.  If they find a book that they fall in love with but it is way above their tested level, I just ask that you read that with them.

In addition, here are some 2nd grade book titles (series) and their general level:

  • Amelia Bedelia: K-L
  • Cam Jansen: K-L
  • Henry and Mudge: J
  • Magic Tree House: M-N
  • Mercy Watson: K
  • Franklin: J
  • Froggy: J-K
  • Frog and Toad: K
  • Minnie and Moo: K-L
  • Junie B. Jones: M
  • Mighty Robot: L

As always, thank you for your support at home!

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