Make the World a More Beautiful Place


On Thursday, students watched/listened to the story, Miss Rumphius, on Book Flix (email me if you lost your BookFlix password).

In the story, Miss Rumphius learned/realized from her grandfather’s stories that she wanted to live by the sea, see many places, and to make the world a more beautiful place.  When she grew up, she accomplished all of her dreams and then passed on her stories to her niece (the narrator of the story) and to her visitors.  Miss Rumphius made the world a more beautiful place in many ways, but primarily by planting lupines everywhere.

rumphius 2

After the story, I proposed the following question to the students, “How will you make the world a more beautiful place, now or when you’re older?”  Students did a ‘quick-write’ to answer that question.  The room grew silent.  Students took this assignment extremely seriously and everyone wanted to share their responses.  I was in awe.  These second grade students have such kind hearts.    (I typed their responses down below)


Then, the very next day, the Connecticut school shooting occurred.  I can’t help but continuously tear up while watching the news and 20/20 this evening.  And I think back to yesterday when my students responded to Miss Rumphius with such heart-felt emotion, concern, hope, and vision.  I felt the need to share their responses with you (below) and I also feel the need to express to all of you, from the bottom of my heart, that I will always do everything possible for your children… to keep them safe, nurtured, and happy while in my care.  I am not a parent, however, I could imagine that hearing this breaking news must not have been easy for you.  It is so sad and makes me cherish every moment that I get to be a teacher all the more.  I am so lucky to have 26 cheerful, bright, and happy faces come marching in my room everyday and I enjoy every minute of it.  Please, if you choose to tell your child about this tragedy or if they hear about it, tell/assure them that they are safe at school and that Ms. Huber will take care of them when you’re not there.

rumph 3


I would make the world a better place by growing sunflowers so people could pick them and put them in vases and sell them in stores.  I will plant gardens and vegetable gardens and help our community to be full of good citizens.  I want to save the world.  I want no more bullies in our country.  I love this world.  I want to keep this country safe  and free.  I want to help sick people feel better.  I love America. We want America to be free.  I am a good citizen and I want to make people be friends.

I will save buildings. I will save people from shooting.  Why do people do this? I will save lives.  I will help grow trees to give oxygen.  I will plant fruit and vegetables.  I will help donate clothes.

I would plant lots of trees, be a Ninja, protect the World, open a restaurant, be a teacher, clean the ocean, and build new parks.

I would get a crew and make a beautiful church.  Then I will go and help to bring people happiness.  Finally, for Christmas, I will give them presents and clothes.

I would bring world peace by telling the people in the war to share.  I would plant gardens, like flower gardens, vegetable gardens and fruit gardens.  I would help ill people and calm people when they’re irked and mad.

I would pick up the trash, help old people cross the street, and work very hard to make the world a better place.

I will make the world a better place by asking people to donate food and clothing to the needy.

I will make the world a better place by getting houses for [homeless] families, grow gardens and seeds, and help kids make new friends and stop bullying.

I would make the world more beautiful by growing sunflower seeds and I would let more butterflies come and make beautiful houses and all other buildings, then paint the walls, put decorations everywhere and paintings and share money with the poor. I’d share clothing with people and recycle, give food and water to the poor, and have them have great lives and give them shoes and cut grass and help people.

I would plant lots of grass where the dirt is. Then I would plant beautiful flowers and always water them.  And I’d put a beautiful pond in for the fish.  Next, I would give food to people that don’t have any.  Then I will join the Army and fight.

I would be a good person to everyone. I will become President.  I will save the trees and the parks.

I will plant flowers, be a good friend, help people and build a shelter.

I will make the world better by helping people from bullies and have nobody fight each other.  I will help people if they’re stuck.  I will give people money if they are poor.  

I will plant flowers, be a bucket filler, and be a good friend.

I will tell people to not be bullies and I will cut the grass if the grass is too long.  I will help people when they are sick.

When I grow up I will help people out when they need help and make houses for people that need them.

I would make the world better by making stuff more cheap.  I’ll make sure not to irk other people and I’ll make sure that cities, countries, and states are free so people don’t have to fight other people and so we have fun every day. I’ll build houses.  

I will build more houses so more people can come over in our village.

I will make the world a better place making bullying stop.  By making places stop from getting knocked down, making plants not die, by watching them and giving them seeds.  

I would help people with making gardens and recycle. 

I want to help the needy, help the homeless, and give food to the poor. 


Your children are truly amazing!  Give them a hug!

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