HOMOPHONES: words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

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  • ant, aunt
  • won, one
  • eight, ate
  • flour, flower
  • tea, tee
  • night, knight
  • sun, son
  • write, right

Students learned what a homophone was by using a book called Dear Deer.  They also listened to sections of Amelia Bedelia, with whom is extremely literal and gets confused by homophones.  Students get a chuckle over Amelia.  Next, students all picked a card with a homophone written on it.  They had to find their match (see bullets above).  Then, collaboratively, they had to put their homophone pair into separate pictures and sentences  on large paper.  The team work was fantastic! Everyone worked together so well!  The final products were excellent, too.

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