Fall Festival

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Wow! What a fun day! Students participated in Fall/Halloween themed activities throughout the day, most of which were academic.  We started with Halloween interactive read-alouds.  Next, we went to the cafeteria for a live story.  I read students a cute story that I wrote, called Bony Ben.  Bony Ben was looking for body parts so that he could be human again.  As students heard the different “body parts”, they got to feel them.  They stuck their hands in brown paper bags filled with the “body parts”.  The teeth were candy corn, the blood was red-colored pudding, the stomach was cooked pasta in olive oil, the brains were cooked broccoli, the eyes were grapes, the fingers were baby carrots, the bones were celery, and the heart was a tomato cut in half.  The looks on the students’ faces were priceless!  I captured some of them. After the story, they guessed what foods the body parts really were.

We also carved a pumpkin and charted adjectives to describe what they felt, smelled, and heard.  For many students, this was the first time that they stuck their hand in a pumpkin!!  I am going to bake the pumpkin seeds and allow them to taste them tomorrow.  The pumpkin turned out looking so cute!

Students also created aliens out of math facts, watched Charlie Brown’s Halloween, and ate LOTS of food.  I was impressed with how many students chose veggies instead of donuts! We had a great day in school and I hope that everyone has a fun and safe night Trick ‘or’ Treating tonight!  Thanks again to everyone that donated something for the festival!

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