Classroom Anchor Charts

2nd Grade LOVES Anchor Charts!

Here’s a few of ours!

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An anchor chart is a hand-made poster or graphic representation that serves as a visual reminder of strategies, vocabulary, or other content that students have learned. Basically, an anchor chart is a reference tool that “anchors” new and ongoing learning to key concepts previously introduced.

Students can refer to the anchor chart for a quick check, a reminder of how to approach a task, a way to think about a concept, or a visual aid to understand vocabulary. An anchor chart often serves as a way to make connections between previous learning and new concepts being covered.  What differentiates an “anchor chart” from a commercially constructed poster or visual aid is that the teacher and students create the chart together.  It is important that students take ownership of constructing the content of the chart. If students are co-creators of the chart they will be more inclined to refer to it when needed.

An anchor chart can take the form of a list, a graphic organizer such as a Venn diagram or concept web, or cards with a series of visual prompts. There is no set form that an anchor chart must look like. What is important is that the chart serves the purpose of anchoring the key concept or strategy being taught so that students can easily and independently refer to it. Using anchor charts to scaffold students’ learning is a strategy that will reap benefits for all students in all classrooms.

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