2nd Grade Elections, 2012

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Wow! Second graders have learned a tremendous amount about our Nation’s government!  Students learned about the voting process and what the responsibilities of being a leader include.  Students wrote speeches listing ways that they would be a good classroom leader. Students read their speeches aloud in the auditorium!  They read loud, proud, fluently, and confidently!  And let me say, they were all dressed to impress!  The creativity was fantastic!  Students wore everything from bow  ties, ties, light-up buttons, red-white-and-blue accessories, flowers, lays, top hats, suit coats, dresses, stickers, and jewelry!  Students brought in campaign fliers as well as “Vote for Me” suckers and Skittles!  It was so much fun!  On Tuesday, we will hold an official election with official ballots and a voting booth!  Desks will then be rearranged so that we have 6 cities, 3 states, and one country.  Each “state” will get a name, a state insect, bird, and flower. The Mayors, Governors, and Presidents will have special duties in the classroom!   We will form a living government in the classroom! The students are having so much fun with this and they have been asking such great questions!  Who said learning couldn’t be fun!!?? Thank you for all of your support at home making this learning experience memorable for all!

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