Reading Workshop




Reading Workshop is already in full-force!  Students go “book-shopping” every Monday.  They choose 5 books from our classroom library that are at their own tested level.  They keep those 5 books in their B.O.B. (Bag of Books) all week.  They should reread those books nightly for at least 20 minutes.  Rereading them builds fluency and deeper comprehension. They will also have a guided reading or book club book in the bag as well.  Those books are books that they read with me or another teacher in a small group.  The guided reading book will be one level above their independent level.  While I meet with students in small groups, the remaining students read independently and practice the ‘teaching-point’ that was introduced that day.

Our classroom has comfy camping chairs, saucer chairs, lots of carpeted areas, tables, and reading buddies!  I am allowing students to bring in a Pillow-Pet if they have permission from their parents.   I like to dim the lights and turn on the lamps so that we have an ideal reading environment!  The end of the year goal is to have students reading at a level M.  A level M involves inferring, multiple settings and plots, many characters, and more than one problem and solution. It is essential that we move the children up the continuum of reading levels at the appropriate pace.  Please do not allow your child to consistently read books that are higher than their level.  Also, if they do not bring their B.O.B. home, please let me know! It is so important that they read nightly!  Thank you for your support at home!

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